June 2020

How did the Kairos Course reach Slovakia?

In the spring 2018 our family returned to Slovakia from the mission field and later the Brenkus family returned as well. Jozef and Roman got the possibility to attend the Kairos Course in Budapest in October 2018. They were not entirely sure what they had signed up for but before attending the course they were shared a desire to create a course in Slovakia about world mission. During the course they realized that there is no need to create anything new. Kairos Course is an internationally acclaimed course that was created based on valuable material that is being used in many theological institutions. It is called Perspectives of Mission. The best part is that this course is not just about a foreign mission, but it is such an example of God's love for lost people, whether in Slovakia or on the outermost islands.

On the way back from Budapest Jozef and Roman sat on the train and reached out to the respective leaders in Europe asking them how to start the Kairos Course in Slovakia. A few weeks later another Kairos Course took place, this time in Czech Republic. Apart from Jozef and Roman three more Slovak people attended the course - Podobný couple - dala by som meno a priezvisko oboch manzelov, and Lýdia Brenkusová. Lýdia was willing to start translating the learning material into Slovak language and that’s why she had to participate herself. After having fulfilled all the official requirements and after almost 10 months of hard work, we were finally able to organize the first Slovak course with materials in Slovak language. It took place in August 2019 in the city of Modra under the supervision of leaders Miri Cásková (CZ) and Roso couple (DE). This course had 25 participants from different denominations and different parts of Slovakia. In December 2019 we were able to organize the first Slovak course with Slovak leaders in the city of Prešov. Seven more courses were planned for the year 2020. In February we organized a course in the city of Levice in Cirkev Bratská church denomination. In March we were planning to have a course in Bratislava, but we had to cancel it due to Covid-19. Jozef and Roman did however not get discouraged and organized an online version of the course in April via ZOOM as one of the first ones in the world. Later on, Jozef and Roman got the chance to share their experience at several worldwide ZOOM calls. Another Slovak online course took place in May. Right now, we are finishing up some details of another course which will be held in June in the city of Košice - this time in person, not online anymore.

If we had the chance, we could fill up a lot of pages to describe all the miracles and the favor of God that we have experienced both during preparations for the courses and during the Kairos Courses. Please watch the video below for feedback from participants in Prešov:

After having shared the above information we would like to ask you, whether you would like to become a collaborator of the Kairos course in Slovakia in following ways:

  1. Prayer support - we need protection both during the preparations and during the courses in the form of prayer support. The Kairos Course awakens Christians to take an active part in the Great Commission and the enemy does not like that.
  2. Practically - for example by organizing a course in your city, or offering accommodation for our facilitators. We are also open to welcome new members in the family of facilitators.
  3. Financially - we need your help in paying off the debt for the translation projects and we would also like to help cover the registration fee for those that cannot afford it so that they still can attend the course. More info here.

And at last, an invitation to the Kairos Course from Roman:

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