We are Slovak missionaries Roman and Barcha Lacho. We have seven children - Izrael (14), Dakota (12), Malakai (10), Sinai (7), Levi (4), Nehemiáš (2) and Aman. The years between 2011 to 2018 we were in the mission field in the Lower Brule Native American Reservation. We currently live in Slovakia and are dedicated to the development of the world mission and the mobilization of the Church to join the Great Commission. You can contact us at our email: hawran(at)hawran.org

What are we doing?

"A mission mobilizer is a Christian who ignites an active interest in reaching the world in other Christians."

God's heart beats for the lost, and each one of us needs to find his part in fulfilling the Great Commission. God called us back to Slovakia to help the Church in Slovakia through mobilization.

We work with people who have a burning for foreign mission at their hearts. Together we lead Kairos courses and prepare other courses and mission materials, we plan and record podcasts, we take care of online mission prayers and we are dedicated to the development of various mission areas that no one in Slovakia has addressed so far. However, there are only a handful of those of us who can devote themselves fully to mobilization, as they are to some extent financially supported. In addition to secular work and family, it would be impossible for us personally to develop the area of mission in Slovakia. Therefore, we are immensely grateful to everyone who supports us, and yet we pray for more who would begin to support this missionary effort, and so we would become financially self-sufficient and could ourselves support work of those who fully contribute to the mission.

The Kairos course is suitable for Christians of all ages who want to take God's mission seriously and look for practical ways to actively participate in God's plan. You can find more info on our Kairos page, or in the brochure at bit.ly/brozuranm and on facebook/KurzKairos. You can sign up for the next course via: bit.ly/sms-registracia

Every day you can listen to a one-minute podcast in which we present one of the least reached people groups according to the joshuaproject.net calendar so that we can pray for the world together. You can find it on spotify or apple podcasts. We are also preparing longer podcasts for you on various mission topics, which will be published once a time.

Missionary prayers through ZOOM are open every Tuesday night. You can join them between 9PM and 10PM on THIS LINK using the password 613695.
We always pray for four specific needs from four areas. The first is the state according to the Operation World calendar, the next is the Slovak mission organization or church denomination, the third is the least reached people group according to the JoshuaProject.net calendar, and finally we pray for the needs of one Slovak missionary or his family.

SMS - Slovak Mission Network brings together people from different denominations who have the same goal. They want to see how the Church in Slovakia is actively involved in fulfilling the Great Commission. You can also be part of an SMS if a foreign mission is close to your heart. Email us at hawran(at)hawran.org and we will inform you about SMS meetings and planned events.

Briefly about Roman and Barcha

Roman, also known as Roman Hawran, was born in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. He grew up with his sister and parents in a marginal part of the city named Vrakuna. After he graduated from high school, specialized in graphic work, and finished his two years of civil duty, he married Barbora, also known as Barcha. They both believed that God was calling them to the mission field.

After their firstborn son Izrael was born and Barcha graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, they went to Bible School in Denmark for one year. Thanks to a newly opened missions’ class they got an opportunity to lead a group of students on a four weeks long mission outreach in Tanzania, Africa. After that they started communication with a senior pastor of Re*Creation Center in Oglala, which is located in the poorest Native American reservation Pine Ridge in South Dakota, USA.

Thanks to this contact Roman and Barča had the possibility to join in ministry in one of other Native American Reservations in Lower Brule where they eventually spent seven years in the mission field. Here is one of the many interviews that Roman recorded about their ministry among the Native Americans.

Roman’s family is financially supported mainly from Slovakia by individuals and three churches. Roman and Barcha are appointed missionaries of the Bratislava City Church, which is part of Assemblies of God World.