Roman and Barcha

Roman, also known as Roman Hawran, was born in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. He grew up with his sister and parents in a marginal part of the city named Vrakuna. After he graduated from high school, specialized in graphic work, and finished his two years of civil duty, he married Barbora, also known as Barcha. They both believed that God was calling them to the mission field.

After their firstborn son Izrael was born and Barcha graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, they went to Bible School in Denmark for one year. Thanks to a newly opened missionsí class they got an opportunity to lead a group of students on a four weeks long mission outreach in Tanzania, Africa. After that they started communication with a senior pastor of Re*Creation Center in Oglala, which is located in the poorest Native American reservation Pine Ridge in South Dakota, USA.

Eight years have passed since then. Roman and Barcha have four more children, who have spent the majority of their lives on the Lower Brule Native American reservation in South Dakota. Their three oldest children attend the local elementary school while the two youngest stay at home with Barcha. Roman has become an integral part of everything that happens in the community thanks to not only his talent, but the willingness of his heart. He helps the school with media and he creates videos and takes pictures at every important event that happens on the reservation. Together with Barcha, and alongside Pastor Jeff and Ann, they lead a Christian fellowship named The Hope Center.

Romanís family is financially supported mainly from Slovakia by individuals and three churches. Roman and Barcha are appointed missionaries of the Bratislava City Church, which is part of Assemblies of God World.